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Once the information is on the internet, Google has full access to it and it cannot be removed.


Google will find something on the web only if another site links to that page. Don't put the information on the web if you don't want that to be found, also, make the information password protected because Google does not do password. If you want to remove some personal information from Google, you can keep Google's searchbot from indexing your site - or get it to remove pages it's already found - by following the instructions at Google Webmaster Central. If the site has already been spidered, you can politely ask to remove the page or block Google from spidering it. If the site contains sensitive information like your Social Security number or copyrighted material, you can ask Google to delete it from its index.Otherwise you may take the services of some internet sites which attempts to eliminate inaccurate, embarrassing or offensive material about you for a fee - but offers no guarantees.

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