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Appliances don't use power while in stand-by mode.


You're not alone if you think that appliances in "stand-by" mode don't use power. You'd be surprised how much energy a "sleeping" appliance can consume. Almost all home appliances and electronics continue to consume power when in "stand-by".Check out these stand-by power consumption rates:.Microwave oven: up to 6 watts per hour .Ranges: up to 4.1 watts per hour .Telephone: up to 5 watts per hour In some cases, appliances in stand-by mode can consume as much as 15-30 watts per hour - that's a lot of power usage day after day, week after week.You can reduce or eliminate excess power consumption, do your part to save the environment, and save yourself some money by simply powering down your appliances completely or unplugging them when they're not in use.

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