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Only distilled water cause superheating and "explosions". Impure tap water only boils, it won't explode.


Even impure water can "explode." To cause any liquid to explode all you need is water that lacks micro-bubbles. To understand this point one must know that nucleation centers for boiling are actually tiny bubbles. While solid crystals will grow upon solid nucleation centers found in impure liquids, the gas bubbles in cola, and in boiling pots, grow upon microscopic seed-bubbles. You can't grow crystals unless you have a solid microscopic seed. And you can't boil water unless you have invisibly small seed-bubbles present. It doesn't matter how filthy your water is, or how many crystal nucleation centers it contains... if it lacks seed-bubbles then it will not boil normally, instead it will superheat. Clearly this has nothing to do with distilled water. In fact it's very easy to boil ultra-pure distilled water normally, without explosions. First chill and shake up your bottle of distilled water thoroughly. This creates lots of nucleation centers for boiling. And it's easy to make "impure" water explode; impure water called coffee and soup. If tap water has had all the bubbles cleared out by earlier boiling or by simply sitting for days in an open container, then it will superheat, and when sugar is dumped in, it will go DOOSH and spray all over.

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