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Microwaves leak dangerous levels of radiation.


Microwave ovens don't use "radiation." Instead they use radio waves. There are two types of rays, firstly Ionizing Rays (like x-rays as also cosmic rays which being short build up in the body and are harmful), and secondly Non-Ionizing Rays which do not build up in the body and hence are non-hazardous. Sun-light, radio and television rays and microwaves are all non-ioizing rays. Microwaves are high-frequency electromagnetic waves which release energy to food to cook or reheat without changing either the form or the colour. Usually when we talk about radiation we mean radioactivity or "Ionizing Radiation," gamma rays and high energy subatomic particles. Microwaves aren't high energy, the microwave photons less energetic than visible light. If normal light is very bright, light can also cook food (think of solar ovens). Most of the technicians and scientists are using the word "radiation" to mean "waves." In this sense light is radiation, the warmth of an electric heater is radiation, even radio waves are radiation. And when you speak, some "acoustic radiation" comes out of your mouth. But radioactivity is an entirely different thing. The amount of radiation most microwave ovens leak is extremely low--well within the range considered safe. And the radiation is "non-ionizing"--less harmful than the ionizing radiation of x-rays. More leakage can occur if the door seal fails. This can happen if the seal is cracked or cake with food, of if the oven has been dropped or a fire has occurred inside.

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