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Turning appliances and electronics off saves energy


Now, at first glance, this is absolutely true. Turning gadgets and appliances off when they're not needed will save energy. However, it doesn't mean that you're saving 100% of your energy. Leaving things off but still plugged in subjects you to vampire power-they're still sucking electricity from the wall socket. This is especially true with things that actually go into standby mode when turned off, such as a television, computer monitor, gadget charger, microwave and most definitely anything that has a lit display even when supposedly off. These items are still using energy to keep running, even when you think they're shut down.


There are lots of ways to save more energy by avoiding vampire power. The easiest is to unplug things that are not in use. You can also get a power strip that allows you to cut power from anything plugged into it with a simple flip of a switch.

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