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Eating just 6g a day is impossible


No - there's a lot you can do while manufacturers plan to make salt reductions. Start by checking the label on processed foods to see how much sodium they contain. More than 0.5g sodium (1.25g salt) is "a lot"; less than 0.1g sodium (0.25g salt) is a little. Also try following these tips:.Be sparing with sauces, especially soy sauce, because they are usually very high in salt..Cut down on salty snacks such as crisps - go for low-salt snacks such as dried fruit, sticks of vegetables and unsalted nuts instead..Try to eat less of heavily salted foods such as bacon, cheese, pickles, smoked fish and many ready-prepared meals..Choose canned vegetables and pulses that are marked "no added salt"..Make your own stock or choose lower salt stock cubes, because stock cubes tend to be high in salt..Add less salt to cooking - use herbs and spices to add flavour to cooking, instead of salt..Get out of the habit of adding salt at the table - try to remember to taste food first.

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