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A Low-Salt Diet is Healthy


A low-salt diet has never been proven to be a health benefit for the vast majority of people. There are many studies showing the fallacies and dangers of a low-salt diet. Low-salt diets have been shown to elevate fasting insulin levels. Insulin resistance is a widespread problem and is associated with dramatic increases in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. LDL cholesterol has also been shown to elevate in individuals consuming a low-salt diet. Elevated LDL cholesterol has been associated with the onset of cardiovascular disease. Salt is the second major constituent in the body next to water. We need adequate amounts of salt for our adrenal glands to function normally. The adrenal glands are exquisitely sensitive to the sodium and mineral levels of the body. It is nearly impossible to rectify adrenal malfunction when there is a salt deficiency or mineral deficiency in the body. The only way to rectify this problem is with the use of unrefined salt. It provides the body with a host of well absorbed minerals in the perfect balance to help improve adrenal problems as well as immune system and other disorders.

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