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It's easy to get all the calcium and other nutrients without milk and milk products


You can meet the requirement of calcium and other nutrients without milk and milk products but not easily. You have to do a careful planning because there are other sources of calcium and bone related nutrients, but milk and milk products are among the best. Calcium fortified orange juice and calcium fortified soymilk can contribute to meeting your daily calcium needs- check labels before purchasing to make sure that they are fortified. To get the equivalent amount of calcium in 250ml (1 cup) of milk, you have to eat 1000ml (4 cups) of broccoli or 12 slices of whole wheat bread. The calcium in vegetables and grains is not as easily absorbed, as it is from milk, milk products or calcium fortified beverages, therefore it can be more difficult to meet your calcium requirements. An equally important and often overlooked bone nutrient is vitamin D. Fluid milk and fortified soymilks have vitamin D, as do some concentrated orange juices. The milk used to make cheese is not fortified with vitamin D. Some yogurts are now made from vitamin D fortified milk.

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