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Drinking milk causes early puberty.


There is no research demonstrating that milk or dairy products play a role in early puberty. Milk has always contained natural bovine growth hormones (BST) in very small amounts. Ninety percent of these hormones are destroyed with pasteurization. The remaining trace amounts are broken down into inactive fragments in the gut. Today's girls drink less milk than their mothers did. Thus, it seems very unlikely that milk is responsible for any change in the age at which girls enter puberty. Also It is said that girls with obesity tend to have early puberty but it is examined that children who consume more milk tend to have lower, rather than higher BMIs.Milk is a significant source of calcium and should not be eliminated during the adolescent years. Preteen girls (age 9 and up) need 1,300 mg of calcium a day since this is the "window of time" during late childhood and adolescence when calcium is deposited in bone.

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