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Animal proteins are superior to plant proteins


Because animals proteins have more essential amino acids per gram of protein, also some animal proteins are better digested than plant proteins and that the amino acid profiles of animal proteins better match a theoretical ideal protein than plant proteins. But this is also true that if we plan our meals smartly we get sufficient proteins in our diets anyway. It's important to note that excessive amounts of the sulphur containing amino-acids (methionine and cysteine) have having adverse health effects. Generally only animal proteins contain large quantities of this amino acid. There is also a limit to the amount of protein we asimilate at any one time. This limit is around 25 grams. Excess protein is broken down and stored as fat. Non-vegetarian diet provides excessive proteins which leads to fats and which are bad for kidneys and also leads to a number of problems. A smartly designed balanced diet is the best option.

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