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It's better to leave it on than to switch it off and on again.


This is a big myth. Leaving something on for more than a brief period of time uses more energy than shutting it off and turning it back on when you need it. It used to be true that turning an appliance or light off and on all the time shortened its potential lifespan. But our technology has advanced so much that lights, appliances and gadgets can be turned off any time they aren't needed and turned back on when they are, without any risk of harming them. And doing so means energy savings.


If you find that lights are often left on when they shouldn't be, try an auto-sensor. For gadgets and appliances that often get left on, you might want to see how a power monitor works for you. This helps you track what items are using the most energy, reminds you to turn them off, and shows you your financial and carbon emissions savings.

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