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Movie theater popcorn butter and microwave popcorn butter causes cancer.


We all love eating popcorn at the movies or in front of our television late at night. Some of us LOVE that popcorn "butter" slathered on top of our kernels. Recently there's been some murmur about that buttery-goodness causing cancer. The Food and Drug Administration did a study on the chemical properties of movie popcorn butter and found that it contained a chemical called Diacetyl, a natural byproduct of fermentation, which gives conventional butter its distinct taste. In 2005, workers at a popcorn manufacturing plant in Missouri sued when they were diagnosed with Diacetyl-induced respiratory problems. They were awarded millions in damages and the company has since changed its ingredients. To date, there is no evidence linking general consumer consumption of movie theater butter, or microwave butter, to any cancer causing lung disease. It is safe to say that the workers at that Missouri plant inhaled tremendous amounts of Diacetyl over several years...something that would be hard for moviegoers to achieve in their lifetime.TIP: Real butter is a great alternative to artificial butter flavor. In a hot pan, melt 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and add teaspoon of salt to taste. The unsalted butter is a healthier alternative to the synthetic product and you can better control how much goes into your body.

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