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High Fructose Corn Syrup is unnatural.


It has been claimed that HFCS is an unnatural product due to the processing which is involved in its production. However this is a false claim, and the FDA recently ruled that HFCS was indeed natural because it contains no artificial additives, only sugars which are found plentifully in nature.It is true that HFCS undergoes a great deal of processing to transform it from corn into a sweet syrup, but much of the processing is carried out with natural enzymes which transform the glucose naturally found in corn into fructose. There are also some synthetic enzymes used in some of the processes necessary for the production of HFCS, however this hardly differs greatly from the way that sugar is refined. In its raw state, sugar starts life a dark brown liquid full of contaminants and colorants. Processing and refining with chemical agents is necessary to create the sparkling white crystals which the same sources often claim are more natural' than HFCS.This type of misinformation often causes consternation amongst the public, but consumers should be informed that HFCS is simply a liquid blend of fructose and glucose, which are exactly the same sugars found in table sugar, and which are equally as natural.

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