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Sugar makes you fat.


Sugar alone is not to blame for obesity. The real villain is fat and not sugar. Sugar is a carbohydrate and, like all carbohydrates, it is low in energy when compared to other macronutrients like fat. Sugar and other carbs contain 4cal or 16kJ of energy per gram, while fat contains 9cal or 37kJ per gram - a vast difference you must agree. For every gram of fat you eat, you will ingest more than twice as much energy as when you eat a gram of sugar or carbohydrate. If eaten in moderation and not in combination with fats (e.g. cakes, tarts, pastries etc.), then sugar, added to beverages and used to sweeten bland foods, like porridges, is not fattening. Often times, we think people with weight problems have a "sweeter tooth." However, nutrition experts say they may actually eat less sugar, but more fat. If you are watching your calories, including some sweet flavors can make a low-calorie diet more appealing. But remember, it's wise to control all calories when making food choices. Top athletes who need large amounts of readily available energy to fuel their activity, use considerable amounts of sugar and sweetened foods to ensure that they can keep going. Most of them are as thin as rakes. So, you can certainly eat sugar as part of a balanced, low-fat diet to make cereals and grains more palatable, and as a source of energy if you are very active.

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