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Honey is better than table sugar.


Some people believe that honey is more healthful than sugar. They tell us that honey is a quicker source of energy and a richer source of minerals, and is less fattening. All of these claims are nonsensical. As far as your body is concerned, there is no difference between honey and table sugar. Honey contains two simple sugars called glucose and fructose. Table sugar has the same two sugars, only they are bound together to form a double sugar called sucrose. In your body, they end up in exactly the same way. Once sucrose, the double sugar, reaches your intestine, it is broken down into the single sugars glucose and fructose.Honey and table sugar are processed in the same way by your body, and honey cannot be a quicker source of energy. Sometimes it is claimed by the honey manufacturers that honey has fewer calories than refined sugar. This is true but deceptive because honey contains water which has no calories and refined sugar does not. A tablespoon of table sugar has 64 calories while a tablespoon of honey contains water so that it has only 46, but they are both equally fattening. You add sweeteners by taste, not by careful measurement, and you will use the same number of calories to obtain the same sweetness using either sugar or honey.It's ridiculous to claim that honey is an excellent source of minerals such as iron and calcium, while sugar is not. To meet your needs for iron, you would have to take in 10 cups of honey a day, and for calcium, you would have to take in 40 cups.

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