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The antioxidants in tea have little biological activity


Research is now suggesting that antioxidants may have a protective role to play in certain conditions such as heart disease, stroke and cancers. It is well known that fruit and vegetables are good sources of antioxidants. However, what is less well known is the amount of antioxidants present in tea. In fact, there is eight times the amount of antioxidant power' in three cups of tea as there is in one apple, and every time you brew up in a cup or a pot for up to one minute, 140mg of flavonoids are delivered. Research has shown that some of these antioxidants are absorbed by the body which may help towards maintaining a healthy heart. There have also been a number of studies to explain tea's beneficial effects on the heart, including its effect on blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood vessel function and blood clot formation. The scientific evidence for positive health effects of tea on these functions is growing but is not yet conclusive.

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