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Vegan diets are unhealthy.


Firstly, vegan diets can be much healthier than the non vegans. They cut out most of the things that can cause health problems such as cholesterol, saturated animal fats, excess protein, high acid foods, antibiotics, growth hormones, concentrated pesticide residues, PCB's, heavy metals like mercury, and the list goes on with several other known toxins. Not to be forgotten are the large varieties of dangerous microbes, viruses, and newly-found prions that lurk in various meats, eggs, and dairy products which can give rise to health hazards recognized now as mad cow disease, bird flu, E. coli O157:H7, salmonella, campylobacter, bovine AIDS & leukemia viruses, as well as many of the other well known food-borne illnesses. Secondly, vegan diets focus on exactly the things that are known to be health-supporting which include the many cancer fighting agents such as antioxidant-rich fruits, phytochemical-packed vegetables, whole grains, energy-rich starches, and heart-healthy legumes, nuts, and seeds. Vegans should also find it common knowledge to free their diet of junk foods that only contain dead calories such as fried anything, syrupy-sweet sodas, and cancer-causing vegetable oils in order to best serve their health. Focusing on plant foods that support well-being should be the basis of the vegan diet.

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